3 Ways to Welcome Visitors with Your Church Bulletin

Weekly church bulletins are a vital aspect of welcoming members to your church. By sharing announcements, ministry updates and more in your bulletin, you will provide visitors with the information they desire and need about your church. Three things visitors are looking for from your church bulletin are what to expect, what’s happening and what your church is like.

1. What to Expect

Visitors are curious as to how long the service will last and what the sermon topic is. If they have children, information about if or when the children are dismissed from the main service to their own program is helpful and eliminates a last minute conversation during the service about whether or not children will be staying or leaving. Putting an order of service or a general announcement about children’s ministries allows visitors to focus on worshiping God, not pondering the schedule.

2. What’s Happening

What’s Happening. Even if they don’t attend every ministry event immediately after visiting your church, visitors want to know what types of ministries your church offers. Placing church announcements with specific dates and times, as well as website and social media information, in the bulletin allows visitors to see how and when they will be able to be involved.

3. What the Church is Like

A church bulletin gives visitors a way to see how they will fit into your church without having to ask multiple people questions after church. They might not head to the welcome center or fill out a visitor card, but they will most likely sit and read bulletin before the church service begins. Because of this, the bulletin is the perfect place to share information about your staff and ministries. Highlighting certain ministries and including a note from your pastor gives visitors a better idea of the vision and structure of your church.

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