Post VBS

4 Reasons to Have a Fall Fest

Fall is rapidly approaching with all of its routines and schedules. As you plan for another year of ministry, don’t forget to plan a fun fall activity for your children’s ministry. Whether you plan a trunk-or-treat or a harvest festival, a fall ministry event is a great, family outreach event for the following reasons.

  1. Reach your community!
    Fall festivals are the perfect event to invite your community’s children and families to. Because they are low-key events with a family focus, families in your community will be able to attend without feeling pressure to begin attending your church right away.
  2. Engage families!
    The first couple months of the school year can be a busy time for families, but a fall festival provides a time for them to reconnect before the holiday season. Plan activities which involve the family working together, instead of dividing attendees up by ages.
  3. Reconnect with others!
    All of the connections made during summer outreach ministries, such as VBS, can be strengthened through a fall festival. By bridging the gap between summer and Christmas, fall festivals provide a wonderful opportunity to deepen relationship with families who don’t regularly attend your church.
  4. Grow your ministry!
    A fall festival provides a natural way to invite families to your church. Ask Sunday School teachers to help with the event, and promote your Sunday School program with a short video or leaflet. Sharing about the other children’s ministries you offer communicates with parents that you care about the spiritual lives of their children.
  5. Bonus: Reuse Shipwrecked VBS supplies!
    Did you do the Shipwrecked VBS theme? Great! Well, it’s no coincidence that Group Publishing has a similar Fall Fest theme. Make an island theme even more dazzling with recycled decor. Although this does not apply to everyone, it is a great way to cut down on costs of decor.

If you’re looking for an easy way to get started, planning an incredible fall festival can be as simple as ordering a kit! And that’s why we love Treasure Hunt–  A one-night, 2-3 hour outreach event for families that works like a mini-VBS with a theme and activity stations. Treasure Hunt uses arts and crafts projects, stories, and activities to bring families together and show children that they were created by God for a unique purpose.

Find out more about Treasure Hunt by checking out our website!