VBS 2018

VBS Essentials: 4 Shipwrecked Items That You Don’t Want to Miss

Starter kit ordered – check.

First volunteer meeting – check.

Now it’s on to the more in-depth planning and ordering for Shipwrecked VBS. To make the process even easier, we’ve compiled a list of four must-haves for Shipwrecked VBS.

  1. Fabric Wall Hanging Backdrop – This decorating item is worth the investment! Use this wall hanging as the backdrop for your main assembly stage and add smaller items gathered from volunteers or DIYed to complete your main set.
  2. Castaway Logbook – This new student resource has an activity for every day, as well as beautifully illustrated Bible stories for each day. Have students complete the activities at VBS and at the end of the week send them home with a reminder of all they learned. Our staff loved the illustrations and student activities found in the Castaway Logbook; plus we loved how the stories made it a great connecting point for parents to continue to discuss with children what they learned at Shipwrecked VBS!
  3. Imagination Station Essential Pack – We created Essential Packs to make ordering as simple as possible for you! Instead of ordering five different Imagination Station items, order one essential pack. Each pack has enough Imagination Station items for 10 students for all 5 days. The day three Decoder Bands were a favorite of our staff, so you might want a few extra packs for your VBS crew leaders too!
  4. Outdoor Banner – An outdoor banner will help you reach families in your community by letting them know the basics about when and where your Shipwrecked VBS will be taking place. Our custom banners stand out and help you reach more kids and parents with the important message that Jesus rescues!

We love working with VBS directors to help them prepare for VBS, so if you have any questions about Shipwrecked VBS – from decorating items to essential student items – give anyone on our  Concordia Supply a call!