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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Whole Church Involved in VBS

Getting involved in VBS doesn’t mean you have to get sticky with crafts, play rowdy games with kids or even give up a ton of time. Check out these ways for your church family to get involved, no matter what their skill, energy level or schedules may look like.


Some of the church’s greatest prayer warriors are people who are no longer able to actively serve in ministry. Before, during and after VBS share specific prayer requests with your church. Establish a prayer team and communicate requests to them on a regular basis. Depending on the demographics of your team, you may need to use several forms of communication – phone calls, text messages, emails or social media. Give each member of your prayer team a specific leader or group to pray for; if you do pre-registration, give them the first names of the children in the group; this way they can pray for them by name.


Grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbor children – all of these are children your church can reach through Vacation Bible School. Encourage church members to invite the important children in their lives by having extra VBS flyers, postcards and more readily available for everyone in your church, not just those who are involved in your children’s ministry.



As part of your planning process make a list of needed items for snacks, crafts and decorations. A couple of months before VBS share these needs with your church family. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you’ll receive all of the items you need! This will not only remind everyone that VBS is quickly approaching but also generate interest as some church members will probably wonder how all of the pool noodles, tissue paper, streamers and spray paint will be used.



VBS requires a significant amount of prep work, especially in the decorating department. If possible, schedule at least one VBS prep day for a Saturday. Encourage those not involved with VBS to come help decorate the classrooms or prepare craft supplies. This will allow church members whose weekday schedules prohibit them from helping during VBS to be a part of your team. The extra incentive of pizza or snacks always helps too!


If you’re having closing program for your VBS, invite your entire church to attend. This is the perfect way for church members to connect with new families and share the VBS recap with everyone. If you aren’t having a closing program, give a report the Sunday morning after VBS. Use pictures or a brief video to visually communicate what the week held. Everyone will love seeing what children learned and how much fun they had. Don’t forget to share stories of how God worked as well; church members will be excited to hear how God answered their prayers for VBS! You can also mention specific ways their involvement helped with VBS – their cookies were a big hit; the craft supplies they donated helped the kids make a super cool craft to remind them of the lesson.


Vacation Bible School doesn’t have to be a ministry you and your VBS team accomplish alone. Involving your entire church will provide more prayer support, enable others to use their gifts to serve, and reduce your stress level; all of which will allow you to impact even more children for Christ.