5 Types of Banners and Why You Need Them in Your Church

Banners can serve multiple purposes in churches, so we rounded up the 5 types to help you get organized and cover your bases.


You’ve seen it, the big horizontal banners outside the front of a church, usually declaring service times or special events. Invitational banners invite the community to be part of something great, so make sure you have the right information on your invitational banners.
  • Must haves:
    • Church name
    • Service days and times
    • Church website
    • Location (if not placed directly on church property)welcome banner 1 welcome banner 2 
Invitational banners should be limited to only the most essential information, use fonts that are large and clearly readable from a distance, and include high-contrast, welcoming colors. See All


You may know where everything is in your church, but directional signs are essential for visitors and new members. Take a minute to stand at the entrance of your church. If you were new, would you know where to drop off your children, find the sanctuary, or sign up for a class? Use banners with a consistent look and feel to help guide guests throughout your church campus.


Sometimes a flyer on a table just isn’t enough. If you want to grab the attention of a large group of people, consider using an informational banner. This is a great solution for events like Women’s Bible Study and youth camps, where it may take a few weeks for your members to get to the table to pick up a flyer. Just giving them a heads-up on the date or theme, will remind them to save the date and return the next week to get all the information.


Does your church tend to work in long sermon series? Divisional banners can be great markers for reminding your congregation where you are in a series. For example, a series through the 4 Gospels can be marked with one banner for each book. Choose a theme verse or key message from each book to include on the banner, and hang them one at a time as you start each book.  This also helps new members and those who missed a week stay on track.
You can also use divisional banners to help separate events that are scheduled close together. For instance, during Easter season, hang a set of banners for each service, as an easy way to change the look and feel of your sanctuary. Hang Hosanna banners for Palm Sunday, crucifixion banners for Good Friday, and tomb or lily banners for Easter Sunday. See All
hosanna    Jesus    risen


It doesn’t have to be all business all the time. Create space in your church for inspirational verses, quotes or images. Consider changing these out seasonally, or using verses that coordinate with the current sermon series. See All
rock       Lord