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Finding the Right VBS After the Standard Publishing Closure

Standard Publishing has created awesome VBS themes for many years, including Deep Sea Discovery, which was a huge hit. The unfortunate news is that Standard will not be putting out a VBS theme in 2017.

This is a great opportunity to explore some new programs and get your church excited about all the great options in store for 2017. Our VBS experts have put together some recommendations, and we encourage you to take this opportunity to refresh your Children’s Ministry and build excitement around these brand-new themes from tried-and-true publishers.

Standard VBS programs were based on a rotation format, but had the flexibility to be used in a classroom format also. To ease the transition, we’ve hand selected a few 2017 themes that you can use with whichever format you’re most comfortable with.

Classroom Format

For churches why use a classroom structure for VBS, check out these options:
Operation Arctic VBS 2017

Operation Arctic   by Answers in Genesis

At Operation Arctic students ages 2-12 are divided into four different classes based on their age. This program focuses on discovering truths about the Bible and includes skits and an adult Bible study. Learn More

Hero Central VBS 2017

Hero Central by Cokesbury

This program divides children up into three different grade levels – Preschool/Kindergarten, Younger Elementary (grades 1-2) and Older Elementary (grades 3-6). Hero Central discusses the characteristics of God’s heroes and includes skits and an adult Bible study. Learn More

Rotation Format

If you use a rotation structure, check out Maker Fun Factory.

Maker Fun Factory VBS 2017

Maker Fun Factory by Group

Maker Fun Factory is built in a rotation format, just like Deep Sea Discovery. It’s easy to implement with each teacher only needing to prepare 20 minutes of material for each day.This program teaches children about how God created them for a purpose and how much He loves and cares for them. Learn More

Flexible Format

Just like Standard VBS courses, Mighty Fortress is completely flexible and works with either classroom or rotation formats.
Mighty Fortress VBS 2017
Mighty Fortress by Concordia Publishing House
Mighty Fortress can be used with classroom or rotation structure. You can divide the children into two groups, Preschool/Kindergarten and Grades 1-5; or you can divide the elementary students into even more groups based on grade level or age. Combining all age levels into a number of small groups for rotations will also work. At Mighty Fortress children will learn about Joshua, King Hezekiah, King Josiah and Jesus, which will give them an understanding of a variety of Old Testament characters. This program also includes skits and an adult Bible study. Learn More
Check out all the VBS 2017 Themes , or call a VBS Expert for personalized help choosing your VBS theme at 800-521-0751.