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Finishing VBS Strong

Growing up, I anticipated the last evening of Vacation Bible School because it meant one thing – ice cream sundaes! Whether you have a closing program or a special treat, finishing Vacation Bible School strong will make VBS more memorable for all of the children, their parents and your volunteers.

Special Program

A special closing program for VBS provides a natural way to invite parents and others to see what the children have experienced and learned during their week of Vacation Bible School. If you have an evening VBS, consider rearranging your schedule to have the program during the last half of VBS or have your program Sunday morning as part of your normal church service. If you have a daytime VBS, hold your closing program on the last evening of your VBS.

Your director’s guide may have some suggestions and material for a closing program. Some other components to include are: having the children recite Bible verses they learned during the week and singing their favorite VBS song. The program is also a terrific way to include other church staff and members in VBS. Ask your senior pastor to share a clear presentation of the Gospel and invite church members to attend the program as well.

Family Fun

If a closing program feels too formal for your team, consider making a portion of your last day of VBS a family fun time. Simply adjust your schedule so that snacks and games are at the end of the day or evening and ask parents to arrive early and participate in this time with their children. Shipwrecked, Splash Canyon and Rolling River Rampage lend themselves to fun water games for the whole family so consider having a parent/child water balloon toss and a water relay game. Plan a fun, interactive experiment for families to try together during Time Lab, and for Camp Moose on the Loose create a s’mores bar for your snack time.

After the fun games and yummy snacks hold your normal closing assembly time before everyone heads home. The children will want to see one final skit and sing those VBS songs one more time, and the assembly is the perfect time to share the Gospel with all who attend.

Finishing VBS strong with a special program or family fun time allows you to connect with the parents of the children attending and share the Gospel with the entire family. While additional planning and supplies may be necessary, the impact on families in your community will be worth it!