VBS 2017

How the Gospel is Presented in Maker Fun Factory

Vacation Bible School is all about kids connecting with Jesus, and the Gospel presentation is a big part of that. We took some time to dive into Group’s Maker Fun Factory VBS so you know exactly when and how the Gospel is presented.


The Gospel is presented on Day 4 of Maker Fun Factory.


The lesson discusses the crucifixion and resurrection in a way that is appropriate for any age. Time is provided in the schedule for children to think quietly about what they’ve learned. The lesson serves as a good introduction to the Gospel, so whether your kids have a church background or not, everyone will be able to understand.


Group resources (specifically the Bible Memory Buddies and posters) are in New Living Translation (NLT). However, you can easily add more verses or read passages in whichever translation you normally use in your Children’s Ministry.

If you’re looking for a more in-depth Gospel presentation, you can easily incorporate more Scripture verses into the lesson, and provide extra time for children to talk with their Crew Leaders about salvation.

Check out the Bible Discovery Leader Manual or get a Starter Kit  for more info.