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How to Keep Your Cool While Planning VBS

It’s that time of year again, VBS season is upon us. There’s nothing like seeing the joy on the kids faces and seeing precious little hearts turn to Jesus.

If we’re honest though, there’s also nothing like the stress that comes with planning VBS. From coordinating decorations to training volunteers, to practicing skits, and answering countless emails, it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Our prayer is that these tips help you stay focused and encouraged during this busy season.

1. Remember, God is already working
When it seems like the weight of VBS is falling on your shoulders, remember that God is already working. He’s preparing the hearts of children who will attend, He is stirring in the hearts of volunteers, and He is equipping you as you share in His work.

2. Make time to pray
Don’t underestimate the power of inviting God to lead you every step of the way. Whether it’s a budget meeting, volunteer training or curriculum review, start each project by turning to the Lord.

3. Ask for help
No matter what size your church is, you will need a team of skilled volunteers to make VBS happen. Take the opportunity to call for skilled artists, crafters and creatives in your church to get involved in decorating and publicity. These people may not have experience in Children’s Ministry, but when they see that their skills can be used in the church, you’ll be surprised how many will jump at the chance to get involved.

4. Think beyond VBS week
Take a moment to think about all the volunteers you use for VBS – youth, parents, creatives, music and sound techs, actors, story-tellers, crafters, etc. What if these volunteers stuck around for more than just one week? How would your Children’s Ministry change if these people were involved year-round? Create opportunities for your VBS volunteers to continue to serve, and next year you may just have a surplus of experienced help for VBS.

5. Have fun
VBS programs are designed to be fun – so make sure you’re having fun planning it! Try out the activities and crafts with your staff or leadership team. Fill your workspace with colorful VBS characters and encouraging verses. If you’re having fun, your energy will be infectious to everyone around you.

We hope these tips help to keep you collected as you build your VBS this year. Tell us in the comments below how you keep your cool during this busy season!