How to Host a Dynamic VBS Volunteer Meeting

Your team of VBS volunteers has prepared their lessons, crafts, snacks, games and projects. Everyone is excited for the week to begin and to see God work in the lives of the children who will attend your VBS. So how do you keep the momentum going during VBS? Daily team meetings are a great way to continue to encourage your team, to help them grow spiritually and to communicate important information with them. Below are some tips to help you make the most of your daily VBS team meeting.

1. Prepare a devotional for your VBS team each day.

Whether you meet before VBS starts or after it’s over, take time to study God’s Word together. Free devotionals are available for Cave Quest  and Surf Shack . For other programs, such as Barnyard Roundup , Deep Sea Discovery  and more, modify the lessons from the adult study guides to share. If sharing a devotional each day is too much for you as the director, assign a different team member to share each day.

2. Share praises to encourage your team.

Make time to share praises and positive ways you’re seeing God work in children’s lives through the week. Allow time for your team to rejoice in what God is doing through VBS.

3. Share prayer requests for specific needs related to VBS.

You can divide your volunteers into small groups or ask several people to pray for a few requests each. Be sure to set a time limit for sharing prayer requests and keep the requests focused on VBS needs. If you have extra time, encourage your team members to share personal requests with each other after your meeting is finished.

4. Discuss the program for the day.

While most days will be the same, sometimes modifications need to be made as the week progresses.Announce and discuss any changes to the VBS program for the day. Use your team meeting to communicate this information to everyone, as well as to give a quick run-down of any special projects or events occurring that day.

5. Update your team on the status of your VBS mission project.

The more excited your team is about this project, the more excited the children will be! Make sure your volunteers know the status of your fundraising goal, or any new information about the project. If you’re looking for a project, check out the Change 4 Life to partner with Empowering Lives International.

6. Break into rotation/classroom groups.

At the end of the meeting, allow leaders to share announcements specific to their rotation/classroom. If team members need to be in their assigned rooms earlier, dismiss the meeting a little sooner in order for rotation/classroom groups to cover announcements after the meeting.

7. Provide a special treat for your team as a thank you.

On the last day of VBS, show your appreciation to your volunteers. If you have a morning VBS, provide coffee, tea, juice and yummy breakfast goodies. If you have an afternoon or evening VBS, provide coffee, soda, and fun snack food. Or get creative with inexpensive d.i.y. appreciation gifts. Visit our Volunteer Appreciation Pinterest board for tons of easy and creative ideas!

Daily VBS team meetings provide a built in time for you to invest in the lives of your team members through formal and informal communication. Your team will appreciate being able to answer questions parents or children have about the day’s schedule, and the time spent studying God’s Word and sharing blessings and prayer requests will encourage and bond your team on a spiritual level. Plus, the time before and after the meeting is a great opportunity for team members to build new friendships while serving together.