VBS 2018

Imagination Station Tips for Shipwrecked VBS

The Shipwrecked Imagination Station is an interactive time for kids to learn about science and, most importantly, to reinforce the daily Bible point. We’ve compiled a quick summary of each day for you and included a few tips to help your Imagination Station run smoothly!

Day One – Lost and Found Flyer – The Lost and Found Flyer requires simple assembly and provides lots of fun. Have kids assemble the three pieces and then blow into the tube in order to launch the blade. Kids will have a blast launching these discs and remembering Jesus will always find them. Tip: To give kids plenty of space for launching their discs, hold this portion of Imagination Station outside.

Day Two – Hopper Stopper – Kids will color Beacon the toucan and then figure out how to get Beacon to “hop” down the string using friction. The Hopper Stopper helps kids remember Jesus will help them when they worry. Tip: Have crew leaders practice with their own Hopper Stopper during VBS training, so they can help the kids who might struggle with getting Beacon to hop.

Day Three – Decoder Band – Kids will love creating a unique code for their bracelet, and we love how they create an easy way for crew leaders to connect with kids by asking them what their bracelet means. Tip: The Morse Code information for creating the bracelet is on page 20 of the Castaway Logbook.

Day Four – Ready Rescuer – The Ready Rescuer provides hours of entertainment as kids try to rescue a foam ring. While kids are rescuing the foam ring, they will be reminded that when they do wrong, Jesus rescues them. Tip: Use plastic-coated paper clips to prevent the paper clips from rusting.

Day Five – Power Paddler – After assembling the Power Paddler, kids will have fun learning how to maneuver and power their boats in the water. As kids twist the wheel of the boat to create power, the Bible point of the day – when you’re powerless, Jesus rescues – will be reinforced.

While the Imagination Station gizmos are fun for kids, they are also great reminders of the daily Bible point. Help parents talk with their kids about what they learned during Imagination Station by using the Try This at Home sticker sheets. Each sticker has questions to help parents reinforce the day’s lesson and to give kids a chance to share what they’ve learned.