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Our Favorite New Resources for Fall

This summer we’ve been busy researching the best new supplies and resources for your kids’ ministry. Here’s a first look at what we found and why we love it, just in time for the upcoming Fall season.

Classroom Rugs

We’ve added large, colorful floor carpets and rugs, designed specifically for Sunday School classrooms and nurseries. Rugs are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, with different color schemes to match your decor. Go to  KIDS CARPETS & RUGS  to see all the designs and styles.
Classroom Rugs Sunday School


  • Rugs automatically brighten up a room , and make it feel like a fun place for kids.
  • For churches that meet in a temporary location or shared space, rugs are an easy way to provide a safe, clean space for children to play.
  • Rugs with recognizable shapes, characters or letters enable teachers to create structure and routine by instructing kids to sit in a defined area for a story or game.
  • As children play, rugs can serve as a learning tool by reinforcing Bible stories like Noah’s Ark or Adam & Eve.

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Children’s Bibles

We looked at a ton of Children’s Bibles, and fell in love with   The Action Bible . Presented in a modern comic book style, The Action Bible   presents 215 fast-paced narratives in chronological order, making it easier to follow the Bible’s historical flow and reinforcing the build-up to its thrilling climax. The compelling blend of clear writing, plus dramatic images, offers an appeal that crosses all age boundaries.
the Action Bible


  • The Action Bible is instantly captivating – we passed it around the office and couldn’t stop reading it!
  • It presents God’s Word in a a familiar format so kids are more likely to engage with the stories.
  • The artwork is on-point , illustrated by   Sergio Cariello, an artist for DC & Marvel Comics.

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Fall Family Events

After the VBS high, we were looking for the next big outreach event to keep the momentum going. What we found was Group’s Fall Family Fest event kits, which we can’t get enough of. Check out   Brave Cave Fall Fest   and   Kingdom Fest   to reach out to families this Fall.
Fall Family Events Group Publishing


  • These kits are EASY . Maintaining the momentum of VBS doesn’t mean you need a huge team of volunteers and tons of hours of work. These one-day events are super simple to put together, and include complete leader guides for easy planning.
  • Decorating is a breeze, especially with Brave Cave because you can reuse decorfrom Cave Quest VBS.
  • It provides a safe and fun environment for the whole family to be together.

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Find all the newest Kidmin resources on the Children’s Ministry page .