Picking the Right Products for Your Candlelight Service

Candle length? Drip protector style? A la Carte vs. Sets? Our candle and drip protector options can spark a few questions as you prepare for your christmas candlelight service. We’ve compiled some information and tips to help you pick the right products for your church’s candlelight service so everyone can have a safe and festive Christmas experience.

Candlelight Service Candles

When determining what candle to purchase, the main factor is the length of time the candles will be lit. Candles which are ½” in diameter burn approximately of 1” of wax every 30 minutes; therefore, the longer you will have the candle lit, the longer a candle you will need. We carry ½” candles from 4 ¼” to 7” in length. Longer candles are more appropriate if you intend to reuse your candles for multiple services.

Drip Protectors

Once you’ve chosen your candle length, you’ll want to choose the best candlelight drip protector for your needs. For this decision you’ll want to consider the length of the service, the location of the service, and the participants at the service.

  • Paper drip protectors: These are best for short services, which are held indoors or outdoors, and are designed primarily for adult use.
  • Plastic disc drip protectors: These are best for short indoor or outdoor services and can be safely used by adults and older children.
  • Plastic candle holder: These are best for longer services or vigils, which are held indoors or outdoors. Adults and children can safely use these protectors. If you are worried about dripping wax, we recommend these drip protectors.
  • Shield drip protectors: These work best with longer candles and for shorter, outdoor services. The shield protects the flame from the wind. Adults and older children can safely use these protectors.

Candlelight Service Sets

Our candlelight service sets with congregational candles and drip protectors simplify the ordering process. All you need to do is choose the drip protector, the candle length and the number of items needed. These kits not only make ordering easy, but they also save your church money! We also offer several Complete Candlelight Service sets, which include one pastor candle, six usher candles, congregational candles and paper drip protectors.

Safeflame Candles

Our Safeflame handheld battery candles are the perfect option if you want to have a candlelight service at Christmas but don’t want to use wax candles. SafeFlames are battery operated and designed to look like real candles with a realistic flicker effect, which imitates the flickering of an actual flame. SafeFlame candles are ideal if you are anticipating a large number of children, if you will be holding a portion of your service outdoors, or if you want to avoid spending time cleaning wax drippings after the candlelight service. Save $3 per pack when you buy 5 or more packages of 25 SafeFlames.


If you are looking to decorate the outside of your church building for your candlelight service, we carry luminaria kits and supplies. Candles and bags are sold separately or in sets, and we offer three options for candles – flameless LED tealights, tealights, and votives. Sets are available for each candle option, and include candles and white paper bags.

Candlelight Sample Pack

We know making a decision for your Christmas candlelight service can be overwhelming without actually touching the candles and drip protectors. Because of this, we now offer a Candle Sample Pack! For only $3.99 you will receive an informative pack with each of the following:

4 ¼” candle
5” candle
5 ¾” candle
6 ½” candle
Safeflame candle

Drip Protectors
White paper disc
Plastic disc
Plastic holder
Clear plastic shield
White plastic shield

If you still have questions about our candlelight service supplies, please give us a call, and we will be happy to help you choose the product which best meets the needs of your church!