VBS 2018

Preparing for the Babylon Marketplace

The Babylon Marketplace is filled with fun, creative activities to help children experience life in Babylon. The marketplace is more than just crafts; snacks and Operation Kid-to-Kid are also included as shops. Check-out our tips below to help you plan for your craft-focused shops!

Cylinder Seal Kits – Children will create a unique seal which they can then use to imprint dough or to make stamp designs on paper. If you’ve got extra time, have children use their seal to stamp blank paper to create their own unique stationery and then write an encouraging note to a friend on their specially designed stationery.

Miniature Hanging Gardens – Using Sharpies or paint markers children will decorate three plastic nesting boxes. After the boxes are dry, they will assemble their hanging gardens using the rod provided and by adding potting soil and seeds to each box. As children water and watch their seeds grow after Babylon VBS, they’ll be reminded of the lessons they learned about Daniel.

Hidden Message Medallions – Children will decorate the medallions and the necklace to reflect their own unique style and attach the hidden message to the inside of the medallion. The Jewelry Maker shop also has additional ideas for other crafts if students finish early or want to visit the shop more than once during the week. Tip: The sticker for the hidden message is on the Babylon Sticker Sheet, so be sure to order one sticker sheet per student.

Metallic Nameplates – This multi-step project keeps kids engaged and allows for creativity in how they arrange the letters of their name and decorate the edges of the nameplate. Tip: One set of alphabet stencil imprints is included with each set of 10 nameplates, so children will need to share  

Babylonian Flutes – Children will gently and carefully hammer the holes into the flute body, attach the mouth piece and decorate their flute. Tip: Ask a music teacher or flute player to help teach kids a short song on their flutes after they finish assembling them.

Mosaic Memory Boxes – This craft allows kids to express their creativity and head home with a fun, usable keepsake! Gems and decorating items are sold separately, so be sure to add those to your order. Tip: Let kids use the Babylon Sticker Sheets (minus the hidden message sticker) to decorate their boxes as well.

Be sure to check out the Shopkeeper guide, which has all of the information and additional tips you need to create a fun, successful marketplace during Babylon VBS!