VBS 2018

VBS Essentials: Easy Babylon Must-Haves

After unpacking your starter kit and reading through your director’s manual, you’re ready to dive into ordering supplies and preparing decorations! We know the this part of the planning process can feel overwhelming, so we’ve compiled a list of must-have Babylon VBS items to make your life easier!

  1. Babylonian Brick Wall Hanger – This 8 ft. by 20 ft. backdrop allows you to create a dramatic main stage without spending hours drawing and painting. Everyone will feel transported back to Babylon, and you will have more time for decorating other VBS areas.
  2. Marketplace Shops Essential Pack – Ordering supplies for the marketplace can feel overwhelming because of the number of items needed. We’ve made ordering easy for you with our Marketplace Shops Essential Pack, which has all you need for 10 kids for the week. The Miniature Hanging Garden Kit is a staff favorite, and a tip we learned for these was to have kids use Sharpies or paint markers to decorate the outside!
  3. Bringing It Home: Family Faith-Builders – Equipping the parents in your church to guide their children spiritually doesn’t mean you need to create an additional take-home material. These take-home devotionals help parents continue to discuss the lessons learned during Babylon VBS; be sure to check out the sample included in your starter kit.
  4. Outdoor Banner – An outdoor banner will help you reach families in your community by letting them know the basics about when and where your Babylon VBS will be taking place. Our custom banners stand out and help you reach more kids and parents with the important message that God is always with them!

We love working with VBS directors to help them prepare for VBS, so if you have any questions about Babylon VBS – from decorating items to essential student items – give us a call!