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By Design Team 18 Oct, 2016

The newest Weekend VBS from Group has us craving chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers! Camp Out Weekend VBS 2017 is filled with s’mores, tents and campfires, all pointing toward Jesus, the Light of the World. Camp Out VBS is packed with Bible lessons and fun activities for kids. From learning about Jesus, to playing wilderness games, kids will have a blast during their adventure.

Camp Out has five twenty-minute rotations -- music, Bible exploration, wilderness games, Projects-With-a-Purpose and closing campfire. As students visit each station, they will be reminded that Jesus is the Light. During Projects-With-a-Purpose students make special gifts for others in the community or church; these projects allow them to apply what they are learning and to be a light for Jesus to the people around them. Camp Out also includes a twenty-minute Sunday Celebration. This time allows your entire church family to be involved in VBS, as well as providing a great opportunity to invite children and their families to your Sunday service.

Begin preparing for you summer Camp Out VBS 2017 by pre-ordering a Starter Kit and exploring  custom t-shirt designs  for your campers. Also, be sure to check out all of the craft and snack ideas we have on  Pinterest  for Camp Out!

By Design Team 14 Oct, 2016

As the days are getting cooler, warm up your church entryway with the colors of fall. Banners provide beautiful but simple fall decor and can be used year after year. Consider purchasing multiple banners (use promo code B4G1 to get one free banner when you buy 4) and use them throughout your facility or rotate them yearly.

Focus on Thanksgiving and remember the blessings of the past year with one of our Thanksgiving banners. Banners are an excellent, efficient way to decorate for a special Thanksgiving theme or service and a wonderful way to remind your congregation to thank God for His many blessings to them.

Customize your fall and Thanksgiving banners by adding your church name, logo, theme verse or sermon series to any banner at no additional cost. All of our fall and Thanksgiving banners can be found here .
By Design Team 28 Sep, 2016

Growing up as a pastor’s kid, I remember multiple years when October was filled with unexpected gifts, special church potlucks and thank you notes. The extra goodies and gifts were greatly appreciated and enjoyed by our entire family, but what I remember most is how meaningful the notes were to my parents. 

Reading specific examples of how church members were impacted by my parents' ministry encouraged them as they continued to serve faithfully. As their daughter I was thankful for how the church expressed their love and appreciation for my parents, especially when they recognized all of the hard work my parents did behind the scenes, from ordering Sunday School curriculum to renovating restrooms.

Often we forget to thank our church leadership for all of their hard work and for the impact they’ve had on our lives. This October celebrate Pastor Appreciation Month by thanking your pastor and pastor’s family for their service to your church.

Here are a few tips to help you as you prepare for Pastor Appreciation Month:

  1. Appoint a person or several people to come up with a plan for October, making sure to add any special events to the church calendar.
  2. Communicate with the entire church what you will be doing to thank your pastor - from thank you notes on a bulletin board to a special offering to a thank you luncheon - make sure everyone knows all of the details. If you’re planning a surprise, be sure to communicate clearly and discreetly.
  3. Remind the congregation regularly about how they can encourage the pastor during October (and throughout the year)!

We’ve also come up with a few ideas for helping you make Pastor Appreciation Month extra special this year.

  1. Use a  special bulletin  one of the Sundays in October.
  2. Ask church members to write notes of appreciation, compile the notes in a book, and present the book to your pastor at the end of October.
  3. If your church has multiple pastors, assign a different pastor to each Sunday School class or small group, and have them encourage their specific pastor with gift cards, favorite sweets or snacks and notes throughout the month.
  4. Collect a special offering for your pastor using these  offering envelopes .
  5. Plan an all-church lunch or dinner, and ask various church members to publicly share how the pastor has impacted their lives.

Check out our  Pinterest board for even more ideas, including a  free, downloadable planning guide from Care for Pastors .

How are you celebrating your pastor this October?

By Design Team 22 Sep, 2016
Over the years we've seen an increase in church attendance because of Fall Festivals. Families are looking for a safe place to take their kids as an alternative to Halloween activities, and your church can be that place. Whether it's a "trunk or treat," carnival, worship concert or family night, consider what your church can be doing to reach your community this fall.

The first step to plan your church's fall festival is to choose a theme. We recommend using an easy Fall Fest starter kit from Group Publishing. This year there are two great options to choose from.
By Design Team 22 Sep, 2016

Years of being involved in children's ministry mean I've survived my share of crafts involving glitter, paint and glue. However, the time and effort required for cleaning up after messy crafts means less time interacting with the kids, so I prefer crafts with minimal clean up time. While preparing for a children’s camp one fall, I stumbled across the idea of making a leaf garland out of paper leaves and yarn. The garland required only basic art supplies, but the best part was how simple and fast it was to clean up when the children finished! Below is our version of a Leaves of Thankfulness garland craft.

By Design Team 26 Aug, 2016

One of the driving forces that motivates us at Concordia Supply is our heart for missions!

Our business is naturally involved with the local churches and the mission field of the US. But we also have a passion for ministries and people around the globe. As a result, we heed the call to use our resources and connections to further Christ's kingdom through global missions. Each ministry we support has personally impacted someone on our staff.

Below is a list of the countries and ministries that we support.

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Concordia Supply Blog

By Beth P 04 Mar, 2016

Are you taking every opportunity to multiply the impact of your VBS?

By Beth P 26 Feb, 2016
Missions is likely a key part of your church, so why not make it a big part of your Children's Ministry? Teach kids from a young age about the Great Commission and give them opportunities to see God working in the lives of children across the world. 

The easiest way to add a Missions component to your VBS is to include the Change 4 Life program. Change 4 Life is easy for directors to implement, and easy for kids to understand, and it's 100% FREE
By Beth P 17 Feb, 2016
Creating a budget may not be the most fun part of planning for VBS, but it's one of the most important.
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