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By Design Team 23 Aug, 2016
The 15th anniversary of September 11th falls on a Sunday this year. As we pause to remember those who were lost and the bravery of the first responders, we've gathered a few resources to help you do the same in your church services. 
By Design Team 12 Aug, 2016

Exhilaration and exhaustion hit full force after Vacation Bible School ends. You and your volunteers have likely been spread thin, and are ready to kick up your feet until Christmas bells start ringing.

As tempting as it can be to hit the snooze button on Children’s ministry during the fall, there are invaluable opportunities for outreach in the post-VBS season. Fall can be a time to harness that VBS momentum, and reach not only kids, but whole families for Christ.

By Design Team 12 Aug, 2016
This summer we've been busy researching the best new supplies and resources for your kids' ministry. Here's a first look at what we found and why we love it, just in time for the upcoming Fall season.
By Design Team 09 Aug, 2016
Weekly church bulletins are a vital aspect of welcoming members to your church. By sharing announcements, ministry updates and more in your bulletin, you will provide visitors with the information they desire and need about your church. Three things visitors are looking for from your church bulletin are what to expect, what’s happening and what your church is like.
By Design Team 05 Jul, 2016
It's been a busy month as we're wrapping up VBS 2016 and starting to look ahead. On the horizon are 9 awesome themes that we're so excited to share!
By Design Team 20 Jun, 2016
What's your follow up plan to get kids connected to your church after VBS? Whether this is your first or 50th year leading VBS take a fresh look at this post-VBS strategy with simple steps and big returns.
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Concordia Supply Blog

By Beth P 04 Mar, 2016

Are you taking every opportunity to multiply the impact of your VBS?

By Beth P 26 Feb, 2016
Missions is likely a key part of your church, so why not make it a big part of your Children's Ministry? Teach kids from a young age about the Great Commission and give them opportunities to see God working in the lives of children across the world. 

The easiest way to add a Missions component to your VBS is to include the Change 4 Life program. Change 4 Life is easy for directors to implement, and easy for kids to understand, and it's 100% FREE
By Beth P 17 Feb, 2016
Creating a budget may not be the most fun part of planning for VBS, but it's one of the most important.
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