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By Design Team 26 May, 2016

Kids LOVE animals, so why not take your VBS to the next level by featuring live animals? It's way easier than you think.

By Design Team 20 May, 2016
Knock out Father's Day planning with these quick and easy ideas to honor dads at your church. Father's Day is Sunday, June 19th .
By Design Team 13 May, 2016

Whether your church pre-registers for VBS or registers everyone on the first day, the goal is always a smooth registration process for parents and children. We want to help you provide a great registration experience for all of the parents and children involved in your VBS, so here are a few of our tips to make registration an enjoyable process for everyone.

By Design Team 25 Apr, 2016
Although the old saying promises May flowers, it looks like all we're getting this year are holidays. Are you ready for all- count 'em - 4 holidays in May? We've got you covered with everything your church needs to stay on track during this busy season.
By Design Team 22 Apr, 2016

Your team of VBS volunteers has prepared their lessons, crafts, snacks, games and projects. Everyone is excited for the week to begin and to see God work in the lives of the children who will attend your VBS. So how do you keep the momentum going during VBS? Daily team meetings are a great way to continue to encourage your team, to help them grow spiritually and to communicate important information with them. Below are some tips to help you make the most of your daily VBS team meeting.

By Design Team 18 Apr, 2016
Own it! Looking for a way to personalize your VBS to better reach your community? Check out these tips from our VBS expert, Faith, to easily customize and own your VBS- no matter what theme you choose!
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Concordia Supply Blog

By Beth P 04 Mar, 2016

Are you taking every opportunity to multiply the impact of your VBS?

By Beth P 26 Feb, 2016
Missions is likely a key part of your church, so why not make it a big part of your Children's Ministry? Teach kids from a young age about the Great Commission and give them opportunities to see God working in the lives of children across the world. 

The easiest way to add a Missions component to your VBS is to include the Change 4 Life program. Change 4 Life is easy for directors to implement, and easy for kids to understand, and it's 100% FREE
By Beth P 17 Feb, 2016
Creating a budget may not be the most fun part of planning for VBS, but it's one of the most important.
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