Post VBS

5 Reasons to Switch to DIG IN Today

DIG IN is the newest Sunday School program from Group, and it’s not like anything else. We got an early look into the philosophy and development of this ground breaking curriculum, and it rocked our world.

1. DIG IN is experiential.

Rather than lecture-based programs that can result in boredom, disciplinary problems, and disengagement, DIG IN offers multisensory, educationally sound experiences that immerse kids in learning.

2. DIG IN gets students to talk.

Time is built in for kids to talk to each other to process thoughts and concepts instead of only listening. Verbal participation helps to imprint Bible truths and capitalizes on the reality that for some kids “interacting with my friends” is a key motivator to come to church.

3. DIG IN is relational.

Lessons involve interaction, conversation, and storytelling. Kids learn from adults who share their own faith stories, building trust, friendship, and a faith that sticks. Kids practice relational skills that help them live out their faith beyond the classroom.

4. DIG IN asks open-ended questions.

The curriculum is packed with thought-provoking, Jesus-style questions that challenge kids to truly explore their hearts and minds as opposed to stating the expected answers.

5. DIG IN emphasizes heart change.

It’s not about just information, it’s about seeing kids transformed by a real relationship with Jesus, diving deep into what Scripture has to say about their lives.


Take DIG IN for a test drive by building your own digital lesson. It’s easy and fun, plus you’ll get 3 free lessons.