VBS 2018

Exploring Time Lab’s DIY Crafts

Time Lab crafts are all DIY crafts, but the leader guide does contain suggestions for craft kits if those work best for your craft team. All patterns and templates needed for the crafts are found on the Resource CD, which is in the inside front cover of the book. Plus, the supply list is printed on the back of the book for easy reference.

Day One – Eternity Circlet – With a version for younger children and older children, the eternity circlet is an easy, fun craft for children to complete. As children create the eternity circlets, they will be reminded Christ has always existed and will have a wearable item they can use to share the day’s lesson with parents and friends.

Day Two – Burning Bush Light – With easy to follow instructions children will enjoy creating their own unique burning bush. Children of all ages will be reminded of the story of Moses and the burning bush when they look at their lights.

Day Three – Criss-Cross – This craft also has two versions based on children’s ages. Older children will create their cross using push pins and rainbow loom bands, while younger children will use yarn to create their cross. The crosses will be a visual reminder of how much Jesus loves them.

Day Four – Time Warp Time Capsule – No matter which version of the time capsule children create, all children will love creating their own time capsule. Children can take home their Time Capsule Sheet if they don’t have time to finish it and be sure to include additional items in your sample Time Warp Time Capsule to give children an idea of what else to add to their capsule when they get home.

Day Five – Build-A-Bot Pencil Holder – Children will express their creativity as they build their unique pencil holders. This craft is a great excuse to clean out old junk drawers and craft supply closets. Older children can use a variety of items for their Build-A-Bot Pencil holders, but geometric foam shapes and other soft craft supplies are recommended for younger children.

The Time Lab craft guide also contains several additional craft ideas and the science experiments for each day too. With all of the resources contained in the book and on the Resource CD, your team will be well-prepared for Time Lab crafts!