VBS 2017

Gathering Ideas for Maker Fun Factory VBS

Wondering how in the world you’re going to decorate for Maker Fun Factory VBS? Yeah, I am too. That’s why I’m brainstorming early to get the wheels turning and creative juices flowing. Join me and the Concordia Supply team as we discover new ideas and inspirations together, as we plan for VBS 2017!


My go-to starting place is Pinterest for all things VBS. I look for decor ideas, snack options and real photos to drive my planning process. Here’s what I searched for to find ideas for Maker Fun Factory VBS:

  • robot party (tons of gears, mechanical parts, and also¬†robot snacks)
  • mad science party (creative experiments and activities)
  • art party (lots of color ideas, splashes of paint, snacks)
  • Workshop of Wonders VBS (the Cokesbury VBS from 2014)
  • gear wall decor (ideas for how to arrange cardboard gears)
  • nuts, bolts and gears (clip art, coloring pages, tracing ideas)
  • cardboard gears (for wall decor & stage design)

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Next, I collect all the free resources I can find, and save them in one convenient place. I go for the logo, decorating sample images, clip art, music and intro video. You can find all those here:

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What’s special about Maker Fun Factory’s VBS is that it’s designed so everything is interactive – including decor. I’m so excited to see what Group comes out with, and can’t wait to browse through all the options. I usually make a list of must-haves like the character cut outs and easy theme backdrops. Then I build my wishlist of additional pieces that will either make my life way easier (by not building them myself) or really enhance the look so everything ties into the theme.

As soon as the decor items are available for purchase, they’ll be listed here:

Concordia Supply – Maker Fun Factory