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How to Plan a Fall Festival for your Church

Over the years we’ve seen an increase in church attendance because of Fall Festivals. Families are looking for a safe place to take their kids as an alternative to Halloween activities, and your church can be that place. Whether it’s a “trunk or treat,” carnival, worship concert or family night, consider what your church can be doing to reach your community this fall.

The first step to plan your church’s fall festival is to choose a theme. We recommend using an easy Fall Fest starter kit from Group Publishing. This year there are two great options to choose from.

Brave Cave Fall Fest

New for 2016,  Brave Cave  is our go-to resource for fall. It’s a one-day event that’s easy to plan, works great for families, and is an awesome follow-up to Cave Quest VBS. Everything you need to plan Brave Cave is in one convenient starter kit. Plus, decorating is quick and easy, and you can even reuse your Cave Quest décor!

Take the next step to learn more  about Brave Cave, watch the intro video and order the easy starter kit .

Kingdom Fest

Kingdom Fest

Another great option for a Fall Festival theme is Kingdom Fest. This one-day event was designed specifically for families, and is easy to plan and decorate. If you’re planning on a kingdom-themed VBS for 2017 ( Over the Moat or Mighty Fortress ) we highly recommend doing Kingdom Fest this fall. It’ll give you a jumpstart on decorations, stretch your budget by allowing you to reuse resources, and get your kids pumped about next year’s VBS.

Take the next step to learn more  about Kingdom Fest, watch the intro video and order the easy starter kit .

Whether you jump on board with Brave Cave, Kingdom Fest, or minister to families another way, don’t miss out on the opportunity to reach families for Christ this Fall.