VBS 2018

Splash Canyon Crafts Everyone Will LOVE

Splash Canyon makes preparing for craft time simple by providing craft kits for each day. Each craft is specifically designed to reinforce the daily Bible lesson, and leaders have a script for them to share with children to help the children connect the Bible lesson to the craft.

Day OneGod-with-Us Basket Raft – Children will assemble and decorate their raft. You can also have them decorate a wooden peg doll to represent Moses. Tip:The raft is also used during White Water games on Day One, so we recommend purchasing an extra package specifically for game time.

Day TwoMemorial Stone Medallion – Children will create their own necklaces or bracelets to remind them that God is with them. The stone medallions are included in the craft kit; however, you will need to purchase the additional supplies, such as yarn, wire, beads and fasteners, separately.

Day ThreeGod’s Promise Cross – Creativity will be on display as children decorate their God’s Promise crosses. We recommend providing a variety of items from paint and markers to adhesive jewels and glitter glue to allow children to create a unique reminder of God’s faithfulness.

Day FourSafe Harbor Sand Art – Sand art might sound like a messy craft; however, with careful planning, leader assistance, and clear instructions children will be able to take home a craft reminding them that God gives hope! The sand for this craft is sold separately. Tip: Be sure to have plenty of spoons available for children to apply the sand to their craft.

Day FiveHoly Spirit Dove – Children color both sides of the dove and then attach ribbon, beads, and other items to the dove. Their doves will remind them that Jesus is their Savior. The Director CD contains a PDF of words children can attach to the ribbon, while the beads and ribbon will need to be purchased separately.

The Sandbar Craft Leader Guide also contains three additional crafts to choose from and has all of the instructions your craft team needs to make craft time a highlight at Splash Canyon VBS!