VBS 2017

Teaching Philosophy and Bible Content for Maker Fun Factory

In Maker Fun Factory VBS, Group does an awesome job of breaking down the Bible points and teaching in a way that all kids learn – no matter their age or learning style. We’ve experienced Group’s R.E.A.L. approach firsthand, and can tell you that it makes all the difference! So if you’re looking for a straightforward overview of what’s taught in Maker Fun Factory, and how it’s presented, you’re in the right place.

What’s Taught

Kids focus on learning one Bible point each day at Maker Fun Factory, and then supporting it with a passage from the Bible. This simplicity and repetition reaches kids at all ages, whether they’ve already memorized tons of scripture or are brand new to the church.  Kids also get to learn from both the Old and New Testament, which is pretty cool.


God made you. God lovingly creates people (Psalm 139; Genesis 1:26-2:4)


God is for you. Rahab believes in God’s mighty power. (Joshua 1-2)


God is always with you. God is with Gideon. (Judges 6:11-7:25)


God will always love you. Jesus dies and comes back to life. (Luke 22:66-24:12)


God made you for a reason. Abigail brings peace. (1 Samuel 25)
If you want to go for a little more depth, encourage your crew leaders to read the passage directly from the Bible and elaborate on each lesson by making a personal connection.

How It’s Taught


Maker Fun Factory follows Group Publishing’s philosophy of R.E.A.L. learning (Relational, Experiential, Applicable, Learner-Based). This philosophy engages kids in the lesson, no matter their learning style, as well as helps them apply basic Bible principles to their lives, all while building relationships with them. The goal is for children to interact with the lesson as much as possible in order for them to remember and apply the principles they are learning. Through this process they are able to build relationships with each other and with their leaders. Because Group aims to reach all learning styles during each lesson, every child is able to grasp what’s being taught.

Maker Fun Factory is a great fit for churches looking to provide a highly interactive VBS experience which focuses on basic Bible principles and has a good balance of discipleship and outreach.